Automate personalized communication at any stage of the customer lifecycle

Communicate with each customer in-app or by email with the right message at the right time. Target by behaviour and create low-touch engagement programs to bring back at-risk customers, ease off the onboarding process by helping confused users to quickly understand how your app works, communicate new features and upgrades to the whole user base or a select segment, send upsell or cross-sell messages to happy customers.

Get a complete view of each customer in real time

It's the smallest dots that make a clear picture. We track all the details about your customers, who they are and what they do on your website, online or mobile app, throughout their lifecycle. Then we put everything together and show you minute by minute, how happy are they, how they engage with your product or how they respond to your messages.

Get immediate feedback on program performance

Close the loop between user actions and each engagement program by seeing how users react to your messages in real time or over a longer period. You can even go deeper into response metrics, understand what works, what doesn't and why, to adjust and improve results.

Stay on top of your customer success, wherever you are

Receive automated email notifications when there are changes in metrics or behaviour on individual customers, certain segments, or your entire customer base. Learn which trials are about to expire, which customers or leads become at-risk, which ones changed their happiness status, or are ready for an upsell.

5 Minutes, pain-free setup

Hook up to our API in just minutes, using our SDK, including ready-to-use code, code examples and clear documentation. And if your engineers have any questions, they can always talk directly to ours.

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